Oni Gong - Feudal Japan Prop Art Challenge

This model, based on Jens Fiedler's Oni Gong (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Vdo58N), turned out pretty sharp! Check out the full challenge thread:
It was a particular challenge to translate the glowing cracks from the concept, but I think I've got something that works going here. The gong itself was a lot of fun to figure out: ending up a mix of high res sculpting and texture manipulation. Definitely a fan of handling certain things in the texturing phase, opposed to front-loading it into the sculpt.
The lighting set up was intended to be something like a setting for a climatic confrontation between a hero, having traveled a long and weary road, and a group of villains. The massive structure stands in the midst of shattered and shifting stone, lit by stark light from the sky, and the hot glow of molten elements in the surroundings. The conflict will come to a close an appropriately ominous stage.